a warning: i’m pretty normal

spoiler: i’m not qualified to do this.

i didn’t drop out of college to start and grow a crazy startup, i’m not a double platinum level makeup-pushing or shake-wielding MLM guru, or an ivy-league grad working my way up at McKinsey. i’m not a wiz kid genius, i haven’t invented an app or created a biotech company. in fact, i’m the contrary — i’m just pretty normal.

i graduated from towson university just outside of baltimore, md with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing and a political science minor in 2013, and am in my third job out of college working for an experienced entrepreneur as he creates his next venture. i’m recently married, and bought a house about two months ago.

on paper, i’m like most millennials in my first five years out of college. i’m working my way up in my career, trying to figure out how to stop spending money at TJ Maxx and HomeGoods every payday, navigating the first few months of married life and forcing myself to be social when i want to sit on my house with my Roku remote in hand watching (yet another) episode of The Office.

but my ‘average-ness’ is why i wanted to create this blog. i’m not the person who’s got it all figured out, but i feel like that’s the kind of person that’s the easiest to take advice from, and the kind of person who can recognize the problems that most of us in our mid-20s are facing when it comes to work, money, creating a balance, growing healthy relationships, and more.

at least for me, i don’t want the advice from someone who’s got it all figured out. i feel like that person doesn’t understand or see my problems the same way, and that person is too disconnected from the point at which they were figuring it out to really remember how hard it is, what it’s really like, and how to get to the point they’ve gotten to. i want advice from someone still in the middle of the chaos that is figuring it all out, because they get it. the advice may just work for them and a few other people, but they get it. 

anyway, if you’ve gotten to this point, good for you — you’re probably the kind of person i’d want to hang out with anyway, tbh.

this is my journey of trying to figure it all out, whether i know what i’m doing or not. mistakes will be made, bad experiences will be documented, and i’ll fall a lot (even more than i do when walking around my own house). but at least it’ll hopefully be helpful to you.

the purpose of this blog is to help you learn from my mistakes, experiences, and decisions to help you. help you buy a house, get a promotion, be a more productive professional, or just confirm you’re on the right path. this is my guide to the galaxy, happy you’re here for the ride.



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